JEAN-PIERRE MATTEI's Diary.......................

French Fashion Designer !

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The solution of all issues is Meditation ...and most of all...Love !

My name is Jean-pierre Matteï
I'm 42 years old
and i'm hiding under that kind of Pirate Mask
a very damaged face...since 2007.
But rather than crying of that situation, i play with it
...cause i'm a fashion lover, cause i'm a fashion designer.

WELCOME to my world !

Some more of my designs................

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There is no road to happiness, happiness is the road .... ( by Lao-Tseu )

>>> The photos and most of the clothings are by me
>>> Contact : jeanpierremattei777@gmail.com



>>> Revenge !...Revenge !!......REVENGE !!!................

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This is the series i impatiently follow everyday !

Everything is great in !...the location ( Hamptons-USA ), houses are magical,
actors/actresses are just...perfect ( at all points of view ) and since
my blog is mostly about fashion, all the garments we each time discovered are...fabulous !

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The clothings you are about to see are not a real reflect of all the
beauties i do have in my mind as i didn't have the idea to " collect " them sooner.
( those are from season 3 i almost entirely seen )

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Oh !....if you don't know that series yet, it's about a young woman,
Emily Thorne, who dedicated her life to revenge her father's death,
murdered by a very affluent/powerful family...the Graysons.

She is Emily :

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...you know all !

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>>> Guess who !.............{^_^}..................................

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Of course it's me ! {^_^}
With my grandmother, and Magali, my sister.
( i think i was thirteen )




>>> The truth is...we all are Light Beings..................

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I made it !

7 days without eating, without drinking !
And it was quite harsh at the end due to the lack of energy.

But i was very lucky cause i had saliva until the last day !
According to all i have heard about dry fasting,
most of the people don't have saliva quite rapidly and
have to often suck on ice and brush their teeth.

So yes i made it....and i lost about nine kilograms !
As you can see ! :

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Pics are from yesterday.

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Let's have a great new week !
( full of gifts at all points of view ! )
Kisses, friend Jean-pierre Matteï
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>>> Black Skull ! ( on my tank top )...................

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3:51 am, here in south of France.
Since wednesday, i'm fasting ( zero food at all, neither no drink )
And so, here is the second night...i can't sleep !
( i went to bed at midnight....impossible to fall asleep )

So here i am....posting an outfit i very recently wore.

Oh.....maybe i could say some more words about fasting
before showing you my outfit's photos......

Like i told you, most of the time i try to only be a vegan
( eating once a day and at night >>> raw organic vegetables )
But !....i'm quite addicted to sugar things ( french pastries, ice creams... )
And i really, really, realllly exaggerated all the past few weeks
and sure my body needs to be detoxify ! >>> FASTING !

My plan is to do it until next tuesday ( 7 days )...hope i will !
( cause food pictures are too often running through my mind at the moment... )

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 photo 008_zps50ec4bad.jpg

 photo 013_zps10bf2064.jpg

I bought these sandals in a women store last summer !
( nothing scares me...as you can see !.....{^_^} )

 photo 009_zps27fbabda.jpg

The harem trousers is by me
And as for that tank top....don't remember the brand
( i'm too lazy to go to my closet ! )

Let's have a great friday !
Friend Jean-pierre Matteï

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>>> I like a lot that sound ! ( i today discovered )

Did you reconize this man ? :

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 photo skkkkskksssss_zps1383246b.jpg

Alexander Bard ( from Army of Lovers ! )

 photo zezezezezezez_zps01ebf551.jpg

Here he is, singing Obsession, about 20 years ago !
( still loving that song in spite of the old sounds )

Kisses from friend Jean-pierre Matteï !
( leaving you with a pic from 2010 )

 photo 0462-Copie-2_zps396c70b3.jpg

All the outfit is by me.

EDIT ! : I also just discovered that much more recent song from Army of Lovers
and i like it a lot too ! ( also like the clothings'choice ! )

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 photo sdsdsaaa_zpsd171393b.jpg

Alexander Bard is obviously strong !




>>> The Experiment !...........................

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The photos you are discovering today
have been taken at mid-June ( the 12nd ).
That day i decided to start to experiment something very special :

>>> no more shampoo, no more chemical products !

In fact, i always have in my mind the idea to contribute
to make that world a better place to be.....
That's why i've decided to add more consciousness in
everything i do, choose.....buy !

For example, now i'm avoiding to get anything made with unnatural materials,
anything made with chemicals....like PLASTIC ( which is everywhere ! )

And you probably know i most of the time am a vegan
( eating once a day, at night, mostly raw organic vegetables )
( quite never fruits )
Of course, all the products i use for the body, like toothpaste,
soap, deodorant....are chemicals free too !

Soooooo....it's thanks to Tara Creel, that woman.....

 photo sdsda_zps81cbae59.jpg

....i decided to completely stop using shampoos, even the organic ones !

But unlike Tara Creel who only uses warm water, and nothing else at all,
i finish to wash my hair by rinsing them with a cold water bottle in which
i added four tablespoons of organic cider vinegar.
( the vinegar removes limestone and make our hair shiny )
( the vinegar's smell quickly disappears.... )

Here is Tara Creel's video :

If you are interested by the idea, but you find it a bit too extreme,
know that there is a great alternative !

>>> Baking soda + cider vinegar !....like shown here :

Sooooo.....{^_^}.....like i said, this is an experiment, a very " fresh " one.
I mean...i need to continue a bit more to know if i will definitely adopt
this way of washing my hair.

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 photo 011compare_zpse0203dca.jpg

 photo 009compare20_zps2ebd2dc3.jpg


We, the People have the Power ! = if we stop buying everything that are
huge poisons not only for our body but also for our beautiful Planet,
then all the factories of the world will be forced to stop creating anything chemically made !

Next time we have to buy something, let's take the time to think if,
at the end, what we consciously bought will damage the Planet.....
If the answer is yes, let's find the solution to get something natural instead !





>>> Beautiful Maleficent's Wings..............................

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 photo angelina_jolie_in_maleficent-widescreen_wallpapers_zpsf2b42bad.jpg

It was excellent !.......{^_^}

The day i went to the movies, to see Maleficent
( and i didn't know its synopsis )
( if you didn't discover it yet : Maleficent - Angelina Jolie -
" lost " her wings and so ....a lot of power with )

The day i went to see it so, i wore, totally by chance,
my own wings !! ( but mine were white :) )

 photo 007_zps4611e9a9.jpg

 photo 008_zpsdc8fa808.jpg

Isn't it incredible ?!.........{^_^}
And it only was the second time of my life i wore them !
( the first time was last summer )

 photo 006_zpsbdaf29d2.jpg

I bought that tee shirt in a woman store
so do the sandals ! :

 photo 020_zpsabc6d6b2.jpg

A view on my old Virgin Mary Miraculous Medal.....

 photo 017_zps022915b1.jpg

 photo 004_zpsb1c316ca.jpg

Let's have a beauuuuuutiful weekend !
Kisses, friend Jean-pierre Matteï

When i looked for some Maleficent's photos, i discovered those
shoes i like a lot ! :

 photo qszez_zps1a583f5c.jpg

" Inferno Black Leather Bootie " by Gianvito Rossi