JEAN-PIERRE MATTEI's Diary.......................

French Fashion Designer !

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The solution of all issues is Meditation ...and most of all...Love !

My name is Jean-pierre Matteï
I'm 42 years old
and i'm hiding under that kind of Pirate Mask
a very damaged face...since 2007.
But rather than crying of that situation, i play with it
...cause i'm a fashion lover, cause i'm a fashion designer.

WELCOME to my world !

Some more of my designs................

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There is no road to happiness, happiness is the road .... ( by Lao-Tseu )

>>> The photos and most of the clothings are by me
>>> Contact : jeanpierremattei007@gmail.com



>>> Spring Break 2014 in Morocco ( part one )................

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Marrakech is the place where i stayed during two weeks very recently.
During those vacations, i also went to Essaouira ( along the Atlantic ocean )
And i also had the pleasure to discover some beautiful montains : Ourika's Valley.

I did around 1000 photos.
Today i'm sharing with you what my eyes caught in Marrakech.
( of course...not all the photographs ! :) )

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Marrakech 's most famous place : Jemma el-Fna

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 photo 20140331_112628_zps42035dcb.jpg ...walking toward that place....

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Like i previously said, when i'm traveling, about the clothings i'm wearing,
i'm quite the opposite of what i do am in my daily life

>>> i always dress myself the same ! ( from the beginning to the end )

It's simple ...my luggage was empty !
For two weeks i just took two trousers, three tee-shirts, two pairs of
sneakers, and underwears/socks for each day ...nothing else !
( each night i took the time to hand wash the shirt i wore the same day )

Oh, and only that black jacket i kept with me in the plane :

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...trying to reach the phone in order to call Karl !
( Karl largerfeld of course ! )

But let's go back to Jemma el-Fna place with one of its psychics !
( the woman on the right )

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When i was close to her, she called me and proposed me to
read my future for the equivalent of 8 Dollars.
I replied to her : " thank you very much, but you know.... i don't
really believe in that..." " but maybe later, when i will come back ! "
Then she told me : " 20 Dirhams ! ( about 1,5 Dollars ! {^_^} )

Because it's was cheap and most of all because i was curious, i finally sat
down in front of her and she started to read her cards
( after having put my fingers on )

Sorry but....even if i don't really believe in psychics
( i saw a lot during my life and no one really has convinced me )
i will keep for me what she told me...however, as her french was
really poor...i'm not sure i properly understood all she said !.....{^_^}

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Around that place, are " souks "...where you can find....everything !
Charming area but also very perturbing as all the salesmen try " to catch you "...
( i mean you can't really have a quite walk... )

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I bought two white pairs...( three in reality as one pink one was a gift )

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In the Medina ( the souks' area ) we can also find that kind of very exotic
( at least to me ) streets :

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I find the doors....beauuutiful ! :

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Still in the Medina, we also have the pleasure to see that architecture :

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...a part of El Badi palace....

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...under El Badi palace....

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...and above !

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Veeery close to Jemma el-Fna place, there is the Koutoubia ! :

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My hotel ( the Red Hotel )...

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It's swimming pool....

 photo 245_zps748c100d.jpg

It really was a nice one ( everything and everyone was great )
And is situated close to big banks and several beauties.....

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A lion at an Art Gallery's entrance....

 photo 147_zpsaa8d6527.jpg
...at a restaurant's entrance....

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Why calling a taxi when you can appreciate Charly's compagny !

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The Menara....a water basin surrounded by olive trees where
the Moroccans like to seat under on sunday.

Soooooo.....hope you enjoyed that Marrakech's little tour !
Soon, i will also show you some views of Essaouira and Ourika's valley.

Kisses from Friend Jean-pierre Matteï !

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In my next post i will show you a Madonna tee-shirt i like a lot !

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>>> Here we are ......42 years old !.....................{^_^}

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It's in Morocco, in Marrakech ( where i was these past two weeks )
i celebrated my 42th birthday.
i really had some great moments over there
and i will show you some pics of them in my next post.

An anecdote : i discovered singer Céline Dion and i are
born the same day ...march the 30th .
( but i'am a bit younger than her )

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These harem pants are by me
The tank top is signed Guodil
The combat boots : Alpha Rangers
The magic wand ( especially made for me ): David Mournard

Oh and i also created that black thing worn on my left arm.

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Let's have a beauuutiful week !
Friend Jean-pierre Matteï
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